How to Protect the Home From Power Surges

Power Surges & Surge Protectors

A power surge is a sudden spike of high-voltage electricity that travels through the home’s electrical wiring and circuits. Power surges can be caused by a lightning strike during a thunderstorm, an electrical system malfunction, plugging in too many electronics at once, or a reset by the power company.  

Overloading the home’s electrical system with electricity can be dangerous because of the increased risk of electrical fire during a surge. Power surges can also damage sensitive electronics left plugged in during the surge. 

Some surge protectors can be plugged into outlets to ensure that smartphones, tablets, and computers can charge safely, but what about the electronics that are hard-wired into the electrical system? The microwave, stove, refrigerator, and dryer are just a few examples of electronics that are hard-wired into the electrical system that could become damaged during a power surge. Whole house surge protectors prevent power surges from entering the home’s circuits by diverting the electricity.  

Why Power Surges Are Dangerous


  • Increased risk of accidental electrocution
  • Power surges can cause house fires
  • Power surges could damage the home’s electrical wiring 
  • Repairing electrical damage after a power surge could be difficult 
  • Power surges could permanently damage sensitive electronics 

Power surges can be hard to predict. Whether a power surge comes from a lightning strike or plugging in a hair dryer, homeowners should ensure a whole house surge protector protects their home. 

Electronics such as computers, cellphones, refrigerators, and microwaves could be permanently damaged or destroyed by a power surge if left plugged in without a whole house surge protector. Any sudden surge of electricity through the circuits can enter the devices and “fry” their internal systems. 

Power surges are a common cause of electrical fires because as the voltage increases to dangerous levels, the electrical wires begin to heat up. Eventually, the protective coating on the outside of the wires will melt away, and the wires can start to spark. Power surges can also cause personal injury and property damage.

Whole House Surge Protectors

protector Whole house surge protectors are electrical hardware that electricians can install to protect the home from power surges. Compared to plug-in surge protectors for outlets, whole house surge protectors protect the entire home’s electrical system from the effects of a power surge. The whole house surge protector is designed to keep solid electrical currents from entering the home’s circuits and causing damage. 

Surge protectors divert the power surge away from the home’s sensitive electrical system. This helps to prevent fires, damage to electronics, and accidental electrocutions. Whole-home surge protectors are the most heavy-duty protection from power surges. 

Signs It’s Time for Whole House Surge Protector Replacement 

Surge protectors do not last forever. The more power surges the device stops, the faster it may need to be replaced. It only takes one power surge to damage sensitive electronics or start an electrical fire, so homeowners need to replace their surge protector before it stops working. Homeowners can do their part to prevent the hazards of a power surge by paying attention to signs that they need whole house surge protector repair or replacement. 

Professional electricians recommend that homeowners replace their whole house surge protector every 2 to 5 years. Warning signs that the surge protector may need a replacement include the device failing to stop power surges, showing visible signs of damage, making strange noises, or sparking. 

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