Queens Whole-House Safety Inspection

Guarantee a safe home with a comprehensive electrical system inspection by Vuksani Service Group in Astoria and Queens, NY. Call to schedule yours today!

Did you know that New York State law requires inspections every five years for all electrical systems in properties built before 1960? The Vuksani Service Group team can help you fulfill this requirement with our whole-house safety inspections.

Since 2018, we have provided homeowners in Astoria and the surrounding areas of New York, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Queens thorough and reliable electrical systems assessments. Our team comprises experienced professionals who know how to identify potential hazards in your wiring and make the necessary repairs. Don't wait until there's a problem—schedule your inspection today!

What Is an Electrical Safety Inspection?

An electrical safety inspection is a comprehensive assessment of the state of your home's electrical system. This process involves looking for any potential hazards in your wiring, such as broken insulation or frayed cables, and making the necessary repairs or adjustments.

At Vuksani Service Group, we have a deep understanding of the National Electrical Code (NEC), a set of regulations that govern the safe installation and use of electrical systems. Our team uses this knowledge to bring your property in line with every building code and safety requirement.

Our electrical grounding services can also help protect your home from potential electrical hazards. Consult with our experts and discover your options today!

When to Get a Whole-Home Inspection in New York

While there is no wrong time to get your home inspected, be sure to schedule a whole-home electrical inspection:

  • When you're buying a home.
  • After major electrical system renovations.
  • After installing a large electrical appliance.
  • Before you hand over your home to a tenant.
  • If your electrical system is over 40 years old.

As the go-to electrician in the New York Metro Area, Vuksani Service Group recommends electrical inspections at least every five years to ensure the safety of your family and property.

Do you suspect a problem with your electrical system? We are available 24/7 to provide fast and effective electrical repairs in Queens and Astoria, NY.

Reap the Benefits of a Regularly Inspected Electrical System

Electrical hazards come with a high risk of fire and electrocution. They also cause problems that may not become noticeable for months or years, including electrical faults with appliances and outlets.

Even if your home wasn't built before 1960, investing in electrical inspections is still worthwhile because it comes with many practical benefits, including:

  • Identify potential trouble spots.
  • Prevent damage to your property before it happens.
  • Save time, money, and hassle in the long run.

If you're ready to schedule your whole-home safety inspection in Astoria and Queens, NY, contact us at 212-949-0000 today. Our team at Vuksani Service Group is here to help you ensure the safety of your home and family.