Queens Trenchless Pipe Repair

Avoid unnecessary excavations and structural damage—call us for trenchless pipe repair in Astoria and Queens, NY, today.

In the past, a problem deep within your plumbing system usually meant a messy and disruptive excavation—but we now have a better option.

At Vuksani Service Group, we offer trenchless water and sewer repair services in Astoria and Queens, NY. We also serve New York residents in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, and beyond. These methods are far less disruptive than traditional excavation methods, but the result is the same: a pipe that lasts for decades to come.

Whatever plumbing problem you might be dealing with, we are committed to helping homeowners and business owners fix their old or broken pipes in the least intrusive way possible.

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What to Expect During Your Trenchless Pipe Repair Appointment

The trenchless repair process begins with a thorough inspection of your broken drain line. Using specialized equipment, we inspect the pipe's interior while digging as little as possible outside of it.

When we find the source of your problem, we recommend a suitable solution. This could mean pipe relining or another alternative. We do our best to save you money by offering full trenchless sewer line pipe replacement only when necessary.

Signs You Need a Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

If you notice these warning signs, it may be time to call our professionals in the New York Metro Area for your trenchless sewer line repair:

  • Slow drainage across your plumbing fixtures.
  • Gurgling sounds from drains.
  • A sewer gas odor in your bathroom, kitchen, or basement.
  • Sewage backups in your property with no apparent cause.
  • Wet spots on the ground near your plumbing fixtures.
  • Puddles form where there are no floor drains or water running downhill away from your house.

If you're dealing with a serious plumbing problem that needs fixing ASAP, we can help. Our emergency services are available 24/7, every day of the year, for your peace of mind.

Do You Need a Trenchless Water Line Repair or Replacement?

In addition to drain and sewer line repair, we also offer trenchless water line replacement and repair services. We can inspect your pipes for signs of wear and tear without disrupting the ground around them.

If one or more of these problems plagues your home or business in Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, or a surrounding area in New York, give us a call:

  • Water pressure constantly dropping or spiking.
  • Decreases in water flow that are unexplained.
  • Rusty, brown, or bad-smelling water coming from your faucets.
  • Leaks around the joints of your plumbing system.
  • Puddles in the yard when it's not raining.

Whether you need a trenchless water line installation, replacement, or repair, our team at Vuksani Service Group can help. Call 212-949-0000 today to book a service for your residential or commercial plumbing needs in Astoria and Queens, NY.