Giving Home Electrical Systems a "Green" Makeover for St. Patrick's Day

Learn About Going “Green” with Sustainable Home Energy Sources

Homeowners who do not have anything green to wear this St. Patrick’s Day can make up for it by giving their home’s electrical system a “green” makeover. To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, our electrical experts discuss the different types of sustainable energy sources, why homeowners should switch, and which type is the best. Keep reading for a complete overview on switching to sustainable energy for modern homeowners. 

The Types of Sustainable Energy Sources

green energyThere are more than just solar panels for homeowners to choose from when it comes to “green” energy systems. Homeowners should consider solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal, and biomass fuel as options for giving their home an eco-friendly upgrade. 

Solar power works by turning energy from the sun into electricity. On the other hand, wind power uses the motion of air to turn wind turbines and generate kinetic energy. Hydroelectric energy uses flowing water to turn a turbine, similar to wind power.

Geothermal energy transfer systems turn heat from the Earth into electric power for the home. Heat transfer systems also help to cut back on energy spending drastically. Biomass fuel is an eco-friendly, sustainable fuel alternative made from natural waste products from construction sites. 

Benefits of Renewable Energy 

  • Keep energy bills low 
  • Protect the environment 
  • Receive funds from government incentive 

green Homeowners who are considering switching to renewable energy to help protect the environment, but do not want to spend an arm and a leg to do so, will be happy to learn that there are several government rebate incentives that they can take advantage of. The government rebate programs will help homeowners be able to afford to switch to sustainable energy for their homes. 

The price of utilities is rising around the globe, which is another incentive for homeowners to integrate sustainable energy sources into their home’s electrical system. Using less power can help cut back on unnecessary spending. 

Everyone should do their part to reduce the environmental impact of human life to prevent the deadly effects of climate change. Switching to sustainable energy and being mindful about practicing sustainable habits at home can go a long way in reducing the home's ecological impact. 

How to Pick Which Sustainable Energy to Use 

Out of the five types of sustainable energy discussed in this blog post, solar panels are by far the most popular. Solar panels are affordable, easy to find, and easy to install. They can be placed on top of the roof of most homes. Solar panels are accessible and can be used in almost any living situation. 

Wind power is another popular option for homeowners, but for wind turbines to work, they need a lot of space for installation. Wind power requires a more difficult installation and more frequent maintenance than solar power. Geothermal power is great for some homeowners, but it only works efficiently for homes in warm to temperate climates. 

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