April Showers and May Flowers Can Bring Serious Plumbing Problems

Common Spring Plumbing Problems

Most people don’t consider how the seasons will affect plumbing. Homeowners don’t know about other common seasonal problems except frozen pipes in the winter. This springtime is a good opportunity to teach homeowners about common plumbing problems that arise in the spring.

This short article from local plumbers is a quick guide to spring plumbing problems. With the rapid growth of vegetation in the spring, tree roots, bursts, and clogged pipes are common. Knowing what causes these problems and how to respond can allow homeowners to know how to deal with them.

Tree Roots Invading Pipes

tree roots If springtime is known for anything, it is that this is the season where vegetation grows the most rapidly. Trees and grass put out leaves and flowers in a few short weeks. These organisms need to tap into new nutrient sources to fuel this rapid growth.

Before plants put on their fabulous spring displays, something dramatic happens underground. The rapid expansion of root matter allows plants to grow rapidly in the spring.

Unfortunately for a home’s plumbing, there is limited space underground where piping and tree roots fight for real estate. As plants send out new roots in the spring, they can stress plumbing and even break into plumbing lines. When that happens, serious plumbing problems can occur.

Complications Arising from Invasive Tree Roots

slower draining The most common complication resulting from tree roots interacting with a home’s plumbing is clogged sewer lines and blocked landscape drains. Tree roots have a nasty habit of finding every opening in underground piping and quickly sending roots into the pipe.

Since the inside of the sewer line is a rich source of nutrients, the tree grows more and more roots until flow in the pipe is restricted. Whether the pipe is a sewer line or a landscape drain, tree roots can cause a total blockage to prevent water from draining and can even allow it to back up into the house.

Fixes for Root Obstruction

Plumbing repairs to fix root obstruction problems run the gamut from quick and easy to complex. The first thing a plumber will recommend to a homeowner with a root obstruction is clearing the sewer with a drain auger. A drain auger can chew through roots and remove the block. A plumber may also recommend chemical root treatments to discourage root growth in pipes after the drain auger.

The main problem with root obstructions is that they are evidence that the pipe is compromised. Even after a drain auger, the plumber may recommend repiping the sewer line and installing root barriers to prevent root encroachment in the future. This procedure will be the only permanent fix to chronic root obstruction problems.

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