Obvious Signs a New Electrical Panel is Needed

Signs the Electric Panel Needs Attention

The homebuilding industry has made a lot of progress in longevity. Between concrete foundations that last forever and plumbing that lasts decades, it can be easy to forget about necessary repairs every few years, like electrical components inside the home. Often electrical devices will last for many years without causing any problems, but problems can arise. 

The electrical panel is one of the most important components of an electrical system in a home. To keep the home safe, homeowners should keep an eye out for problems in the electric panel. Here are a few things to look for.  

Dim Lighting

The first sign of an ailing electric panel is dim or flickering lighting. To determine if this is a problem, sometimes a homeowner will need to check light bulbs or switches to rule them out as the source of the lighting deficiency. When these two things are ruled out, the electrical panel is to blame. 

Lighting that dims or flickers due to a problem with the electrical panel is usually caused by bad connections. For electricity to flow through the panel, tight metal-to-metal connections are necessary. When connections are loose or corrupted by corrosion, electricity is impeded. When the problem gets very bad, the next item on this list could be the result. 

The Smell of Electrical Fires


Electricity is a dangerous utility that has taken humans hundreds of years to understand fully. Now there is a better understanding of electricity's hazards. One of the main hazards that electricity still presents is fire, with nearly 12,000 electrical fires reported every year. 

Electrical fires have a distinct odor, usually described as a metallic scent. Often the smell is accompanied by a burnt rubber or plastic smell due to damaged insulation in burnt wiring. If electrical fire smells are perceived anywhere in the home, it is a serious problem. However, if the problem is in the electrical panel, the problem is more serious due to the amount of power surging through it. If evidence of an electrical fire is present in electric panels, quick replacement is the safest option. 

Outdated Equipment or Old Age


Electrical panels should be made of modern materials. Modern electrical panels are called “breaker panels” for their circuit breakers. If homes are still equipped with fuse boxes, it is good to opt for electrical panel replacement to bring the house up to modern standards. 

The average electrical panel is expected to last around 30 years. After 30 years of constantly having power flowing through it, it can start to have problems, so it is a good idea for homes over 30 years old to start thinking about upgrading the electrical panel. New models are more reliable, but they are also essential for protecting the home and ensuring the safe delivery of electricity. 

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